The Runecarver will give players a few quests to complete prior to WOTLK Gold unlocking Legendary Crafting. They will first need to gather 1.250 Soul Ash from the layers of Torghast.

This is the interminable Dungeon that is located in The Maw. After that, players must successfully complete Ashes of the Tower, another quest that is related to. After completing these two steps, they will be granted a quest by the Runecarver known as The Final Pieces, which will provide an opportunity to participate in Legendary Crafting.

In this quest, players will need to retrieve three items integral for Legendary Crafting: a Rune Vessel base item and two Missives as well as a Runecarver Memory. Here's how to complete the Final Pieces quest and unlock Legendary Crafting in World of Warcraft WOTLK Classic.

The first and likely easiest item for players to find is Rune Vessels. These are the basic items that can transform into what is known as the Legendary Armor piece the character wears to battle buy WOTLK Classic Gold. In the end, the Rune Vessel will determine if the armor item will be the form of Cloth Leather mail, Plate, and which slot it will fill.